C.U.P Enforcement. Providing Ethical and Hassle-free Parking Management Solutions for your business.

With over 12 years of combined experience, Close Unit Protection Ltd has built up a reputation for reliability, professionalism and sustainability

CUP Enforcement provides a parking management system that successfully deters unwanted or unauthorised parking from our client’s car parks. We have a friendly but effective parking system that is easy to implement and can be set up in a few days. CUP is an Approved Contractor and Accredited with the British Parking Association we are also SIA approved. This gives our clients the assurance that are operations will be carried out with the highest standard and professionalism.

With Clamping being prohibited on private land since October 2012, the only legal effective way of enforcement is by means of ticketing.

The introduction of our Parking management system can see parking problems minimise if not eradicated within weeks. We can provide a tailor made solution that will suit your specific needs and have this installed within a few days. This will give you the peace of mind to concentrate on other more important areas in your business.

Sectors We Work Within

Free Spaces

Happier Visitors

Avoid Headaches

Environmental Sustainability

Cashless System

Enhanced Security



With our knowledge in the security and business sector, we have gained expertise that separates us from many of the other parking companies. We can give consultation on safer parking schemes which includes ways to improve the safety of your car park. At CUP our vision is very different. We intend to push the boundaries of creativity becoming pioneers within the parking industry, growing a company that delivers the highest quality of service, which in turn maximises the assets of each of our members.

Does your car park drain your time, resources, and revenue?

  • Parking management is a delicate matter that affects your organisation’s reputation and bottom line.
  • Without a compassionate yet firm approach, you’ll have a frenzy of unauthorised parking,resulting in insufficient bays and risk losing both revenue and customers with overly strict or confusing rules.
  • Then there’s the hassle of payments, complaints and appeals. Which can quickly drain your staff’s time and energy.
  • C.U.P Enforcement perfects the entire parking experience. Operating nationwide, we set up cost neutral parking solutions to fit your exact needs.
  • Ready to save time, energy and generate more revenue from your car park? You’re in the right place!

Maximize efficiency by reducing manpower, energy, and maintenance costs. Smart parking solutions help allocate resources effectively, ensuring a well-maintained and cost-effective parking facility.

Integrate smart parking solutions like real-time occupancy monitoring and automated payment systems. Leverage technology to improve decision-making and enhance overall efficiency.

Maximise your car park efficiency.

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